About Trouble & Strife 3

Trouble & Strife was an independent radical feminist magazine published in Britain between 1983 and 2002.

The legend which appeared on the magazine’s masthead throughout its life offers a succinct summary of its political position:

Trouble and Strife is cockney rhyming slang for wife. We chose this name because it acknowledges the reality of conflict in relations between women and men. As radical feminists, our politics come directly from this tension between men’s power and women’s resistance.

Its political vocabulary emphasized ‘conflict’, ‘power’ and ‘resistance’, as is clear from the editorial in the first issue in 1983:

We believe that men as a group benefit from the oppression and exploitation of women as a group. We do not see women’s oppression as secondary in importance to class or any other oppression; nor do we see it as produced by or maintained because of class or any other oppression. Although we recognize that women experience additional oppressions, particularly through race, ethnic origin, age, disability, class, and that these…may benefit and be contributed to by women who do not share them, all women are oppressed as women.