Issue 37

Issue 37 was published in Summer 1998.


Table of Contents:

Sizing up the argumentsDebbie Cameron reviews Fat and Proud, a new book about the politics of body size.

Between context and continents — Feminist activists in South Asia are making connections between forms of sexual violence. Liz Kelly reports.

Making a big noiseMagda Ang-Lygate talks to members of the Scottish women’s percussion group, SheBoom.

What the papers sayHilary McCollum reads between the lines of newspaper coverage of child sexual abuse.

Courtroom dramasDenise Mina and Jane Scoular examine the rise of false memory stories on the stage and in the courts.

Space: the feminist frontier — As high summer approaches, Dianne Butterworth cruises the science fiction shelves.

Slick Willy and the silent sistersAndrea Dworkin speaks her mind about Bill Clinton’s exploitation of women.

A navel of one’s ownMeryl Altman has her doubts about the women’s ‘memoir boom’.

Labour painsJennifer Marchbanks assesses the new Labour government’s stance on women.


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