Issue 39

Issue 39 was published in Summer 1999.


Table of Contents:


The price of fameGermaine Greer’s The Whole Woman reviewed by Debbie Cameron

An audacious ideaKathy Cusack reports on a major research project on violence against women in Ghana

Local heroineMargaret Mary Issaka interviewed by Linda Regan

Bad press — Tabloid sexism dissected by Isla Duncan

Different decade, same old shitStevi Jackson is not surprised by new findings about young women’s experience of heterosexuality

Balancing the budgetDebbie Budlender explains the Women’s Budget Initiative devised by feminists in South Africa

Chewing it over — Feminism and vegetarianism debated by Dianne Butterworth, Debbie Cameron, Liz Kelly and Joan Scanlon

Cruel but not unusualClaudia Hasanbegovic argues for understanding domestic violence as a form of torture

Difference is not all that countsPurna Sen takes issue with the emphasis on difference at the expense of what women share

Barking Back: A Cock and Bull StoryJulia Parnaby finds Viagra a bitter pill to swallow


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