Issue 40

Issue 40 was published in Winter 1999/2000.


Table of Contents:

Speech synthesisDebbie Cameron takes a critical look at the politics of women’s speech and language

A war of attritionLiz Kelly reviews current research on rape and sexual assault

Kind words and compromisesHelen Jones on the government’s ‘Living Without Fear’ initiative

Walking with dinosaursLinda Regan interviews Monica McWilliams of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition

Adding insult to injuryAnne Morris explains how abusive men alienate children from their mothers

Breaking the mouldJoan Scanlon raises the curtain on Clean Break Theatre Company

More than your job’s worth?Jude Boyles and Ruth Ingram interview Mary MacPherson, a housing support worker who was fired for taking action on pornography

Pre-millennium tensions — The T&S collective debate the meaning of the millennium

100 years of attitude — Radical feminists choose their women of the 20th century

Victorian valuesMary Sullivan says that legalising prostitution has done nothing to help women in Victoria, Australia

Barking Back: Secret AgentsJane Bond decodes the gibberish talked about ‘women’s agency’


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