Issue 41

Issue 41 was published in Summer 2000.

Scan of cover of issue 41

Table of contents:

Fast forwardCarol Morley watches young women watching the feminist film classic A Question of Silence

Facing upLesley Laing assesses an Australian programme for incest offenders

Body shoppingDebbie Cameron on the politics of (trans)gender

Life stories, death stories — An extract from Sara Scott’s new book on ritual abuse

Material girlsRuth Pearson talks to T&S about the sexual politics of money

Gendering the genitals — What happens when a child’s sex is ambiguous at birth? Stevi Jackson reads two recent books in which feminists investigate the phenomenon of ‘intersex’

Uncomfortable truths — Silenced and forgotten for 50 years, Korean ‘comfort women’ are now speaking out, as Yonson Ahn explains

Missing from history: the other prisoners of warMadi Gilkes speaks to Vietnamese women about their experiences of sexual violence during the America-Viet Nam war

A tragic performanceLiz Kelly reviews Boys Don’t Cry


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