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“You are killing me”: On hate speech and feminist silencing

We need to talk about process

Minding our language

The odd couple

The return of the female serial killer

Slim pickings?

It happens everywhere

Who owns gender?

The Trouble with “Hate”
Liz Kelly asks: Is “hate crime” a useful concept, or is it ultimately divisive and unhelpful?

Brain Wars
Debbie Cameron reviews two books on so-called “brain sex”

Talking about Gender
Transcript of Joan Scanlon and Debbie Cameron’s seminar on gender for London Feminist Network

Turning the Tide
Delilah Campbell on three new books about feminism: Kat Banyard’s The Equality Illusion, Natasha Walter’s Living Dolls and Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune’s Reclaiming the F-word

Food, fame and the perils of post-feminism
Delilah Campbell
reviews Julie and Julia