3 thoughts on “Interview with editors of Trouble and Strife reader

  • rah.

    Thanks for this, it’s a really fascinating interview. It would be great to have more oral histories/ interviews here – are there any plans? This site is an inspiration, hopefully other magazines & feminist publications will do the same.

  • Strange Loop

    We have another couple of shorter interviews in the works. T&S used to have a feature “Writing our Own History”; perhaps these interviews/podcasts can perform that function.

  • Finn Mackay

    Great interview! I agree with the collie’s comments too, very apt and very inclusive of you allowing him to attend, seeing as he is male. Who says Radical Feminists are not committed to male involvement in Feminism..

    Just to say that not all is doom and gloom regards young women and Feminism. For the 6th year running around 2000 women travelled to London from all over the UK for the Reclaim The Night march, including loads of young women! There are photos, speeches and a video up on our national website now –

    And in October the London Feminist Network held our 2nd Feminism In London conference, with over 500 people overfilling Conway Hall to talk about racism and sexism, prostitution, raising children in the age of porn and much more. Google Feminism In London or link from our website at

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