In New Orleans, prostitute = sex offender 4

Colorlines reports on a law in New Orleans that was originally intended to target child sex abusers that is being used instead against prostitutes.

A conviction on this charge is a more serious felony offense rather than a misdemeanour, carries a longer sentence, and requires the prostitute to register as a sex offender.

Of the 861 sex offenders currently registered in New Orleans, 483 were convicted of a crime against nature, according to Doug Cain, a spokesperson with the Louisiana State Police. And of those convicted of a crime against nature, 78 percent are Black and almost all are women.

It is a complete outrage that the victims of prostitution are being prosecuted and forced to register as sex offenders for the crime of “unnatural copulation” (anal or oral sex). The article does not mention if johns are also being charged with this offense as co-participants in the acts, but I suspect not.

I’m rather rusty on my Mary Daly, but I think she would have called this a Patriarchal Reversal.

4 thoughts on “In New Orleans, prostitute = sex offender

  • Strange Loop Post author

    Hell, on those grounds, it has major consequences for straight people.

    However if it were to be applied to adults not involved in the sex industry (assuming it hasn’t), I imagine it would be used to uphold the police’s particular prejudices, so you’re right.

  • IrrationalPoint

    If it is the case that this is straightforward anti-sodomy/indecency law (much like others in the southern US, and elsewhere), then it’s not at all surprising that it’s disproportionately used against certain demographics groups. I’m not aware of anti-sodomy/indecency laws having been used to target straight White men not involved in the sex industry, although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


  • edna

    Prostitution should be taken out of sex offenders
    law. thats why we have so many return offenders that are drug related in a revolving door.
    Because they have sex offender tagged on them and are not excepted anywhere when they come out of prison.Housing is impossible and work also is not there so they go back to drugs and prostitution to support there habit and money to live.Prostitutes don’t deserve to be in this group they hurt no one but their self.They get turned down even when they want to do better and go to a rehab to get rid of ther drug habit so they won’t prostitute no one wants to take them because of the flyers they have to put out in the neighberhood.This is a crime that the law is doing and causing repeat offenders.

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