Issue 1

Issue 1 was published in Winter 1983.

Scan of cover of Issue 1



Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp: So why am I still ambivalent? — Ruth Wallsgrove

The Colonel’s Lady and Judy O’Grady: Class in the Women’s Liberation Movement — Marlene Packwood

An Open Letter on anti-semitism and racism — Dena Attar

Slimming: Conquering the nature in our bodies? — Margot Farnham

Redstocking’s Feminist Revolution revisited — Sara Scott

A personal account of the Lesbian Sex and Sexual Practices Conference — Jayne Egerton

The Desire for Freud: psychoanalysis and feminism — Stevi Jackson

Feminist Writers Conference

Thatcherism is Anti-feminism — Miriam David

Review of Janet Finch’s Married to the Job: Wives’ Incorporation in Men’s Work — Diana Leonard

Writing Our Own History: Interview with Sheila Shulman on lesbianism and the WLM in 1974

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