Issue 2

Issue 2 was published in Spring 1984.

Scan of cover of Issue 2


Letters: Greenham is a feminist issue; no ‘christian’ names; class, money and more

Writing for my mother — Pearlie McNeill

The new myth of the witch — Rachel Hasted

Enemies of God or victims of patriarchy? — Lynette Mitchell

For ‘thrill-seeking females’ only: Scum Manifesto revisited — Jayne Egerton

What’s the French for ‘political lesbian’? — Claire Duchen with translated pieces by ‘Monique’, Marie-Jo Davernas, Radical Lesbians of Jussieu and Nouvelles Questions Feministes

Born in Flames: an interview with Lizzie Borden — Sharon Roughan

Women’s liberation/left split in the National Abortion Campaign: whose right to choose? — Alice Henry

Have you heard the one about sisterhood? Class and race in the Quest anthology — Dena Attar

Review of Breaching the Peace — Pam Muttram

Writing our own history: Interview with Wendy Collins, Al Garthwaite and Maria Spellacy, three of the first WIRES workers

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