Issue 3

Issue 3 was published in Summer 1984.

Scan of cover of Issue 3


Letters: who defines class? paying ourselves for our politics; NAC strikes back; more lesbian history; who’s a radical feminist? anti-semitism; being a feminist mother

Lesbian custody and the new myth of fatherhood — Lynne Harne

Sharing a particular pain’: researching male violence — Liz Kelly

Underneath we’re all lovable: therapy and feminism — Sara Scott and Tracey Payne

Does it matter if they did it? Lillian Faderman and lesbian history — Sheila Jeffreys

Whose pictures of women? — Kathy, Mary, Liz, Helen and Ruth

Swallowing the Pill — Sue Leigh

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and Socialist Feminism? — Diana Leonard

Who’s holding the test-tube? Conference report — Jalna Hanmer and Elizabeth Powell-Jones

A guide to the new reproductive technologies

Review of Catcall: Special issues on feminist politics and women’s health — Sue O’Sullivan

Writing our own history: Storming the Wimpy Bars — interview with Lilian Mohin

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