Issue 4

Issue 4 was published in Winter 1984.

Scan of cover of Issue 4


Letters: Trouble & Strife, anti-semitism and racism; therapy; we know what class we are; heterosexuality and more

On Being White: thinking towards a feminist understanding of race and race supremacy — Marilyn Frye

Jalna Hanmer interviews Indian activist Madhu Kishwar

The liberal organ: needs, rights and pornography in the Guardian — Debbie Cameron and Liz Fraser

Against cultural separatism — Lynnette Mitchell

The Freudian cover-up — Florence Rush

Coming out confused: A review of Sex and Love — Alice Henry

Danger, male bonding at work: a case of sexual harassment — Riva Krut and Elaine Otto

Review of a fifteenth century feminist book — Lyndal Roper

Of quarks and caps: the latest books of Robin Morgan and Germaine Greer — Amanda Sebestyen

Writing our own history: a conversation about the first years of Women’s Aid between Jo Sutton and Jalna Hanmer

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