Issue 5

Issue 5 was published in Spring 1985.

Scan of cover of Issue 5


Letters: How men can act innocent; advice to white collectivees wanting to employ Black women

Bound and gagged by the Family Code: interview with Algerian feminist Nadine Claire

Clinical smears: Problems with Well Women Clinics — Lisa Saffron

Racism: not a moral issue — Ruth Frankenberg and Janet Martens

Makers of Men: the anti-feminist backlash of the National Association of Schoolmasters in the 1920s and 30s — Margaret Littlewood

Joanna Russ’ The Female Man — A classic reviewed by Ruth Wallsgrove

A truly international conference: a report on the Women’s International Tribunal and Meeting on Reproductive Rights in Amsterdam, July 1984 — Sophie Laws

Review of two books on caring for the disabled: Who Cares by Anna Briggs and A Labour of Love edited by Janet Finch and Dulcie Groves — Pat Rock

ot so new technology: infertility and feminism — Naomi Pfeffer

Writing our own history: Art and parcel of the WLM. Phil Goodall talks to Lynn Alderson and Sophie Laws about Feministo

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