Issue 6

Issue 6 was published in Summer 1985.

Scan of cover of Issue 6


Letters: Help us make more Trouble & Strife; Co-parenting with men; Lesbian co-parenting; IVF an anti-woman technology

Other people’s revolutions? British feminists and Northern Ireland

Silenced: Black women as domestic workers — Marianne Collins

Suffering from ‘Equality’: the lives and politics of Soviet women — A review by Bridget Foster

Women who dressed as men: cross-dressing in the 18th century — Lynne Freidli

Coalition politics: turning the century — Berenice Johnson Reagon

Maps of Patriarchy: a classic review of Christine Delphy’s Close to Home — Sigrid Nielsen

Writing and Roaring: in search of the truly political feminist novel — Patricia Duncker

Even Superwoman gets the Blues: what counts as ‘success’ for feminists — Rosy Williamson

Writing our own history: A Rather Mean Cocktail Party — Georgina Ashworth talks to Diana Leonard about Britain’s response to the UN Decade for Women

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