Issue 11

Issue 11 was published in Summer 1987.

Scan of cover of Issue 11



Rising in Resistance: direct action and feminism. A Trouble & Strife interview with Mary Lee Sargent

Sex and danger: feminism and AIDS — Sara Scott

Not victims, not superwomen: black girls and education — Ruth Chigwada

The new defeatism: radical feminism bites back — Liz Kelly reviews Is the Future Female?

Against nationalism: the betrayal of Algerian women — Marie Amee Helie-Lucas

The politics of passion — An interview with Janice Raymond

‘With Women’ — Laura Potts reviews Feminist Practice in Women’s Health Care

Writing our own history — Organising against the odds: 10 years of feminism in Northern Ireland by Chrstina Loughran

The state of the movement — Reflections by Sigrid Nielsen and Ella Bahaire

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