Issue 12

Issue 12 was published in Winter 1987.

Scan of cover of Issue 12



Coalitions, leadership and power — Beth Ritchie talks to Liz Kelly about the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

For a song: female sexual slavery in Asia — Tono Haruhi, Tsukamoto Yumi and Iyori Naoko

The controversial feminist — Dena Attar on the need for feminist polemic

Getting him off the hook: the theory and practice of mother-blaming in child sexual abuse — Carol Ann Hooper

Japan’s First Wave — Diana Leonard interviews FUJIEDA Mioko

In Labour — Sara Roeloffs talks to Lynn Alderson about women in the Labour Party

A difficult, dangerous honesty — Margaret Ward on Northern Irish feminism in the 1980s

Who’s Afraid of Andrea Dworkin? A critical look at the way Intercourse has been reviewed — Su Kappeler

Writing our own history — Sara Scott interviews Angie Cooper about feminism in Manchester

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