Issue 13

Issue 13 was published in Spring 1988.

Scan of cover of issue 13



Clause 29: radical feminist perspectives — Lynn Alderson and Harriet Wistrich

Lesbian outlaws: past attempts to legislate against lesbians — Annabel Farraday

That’s entertainment? Jack the Ripper and the celebration of sexual violence — Debbie Cameron

As I am — Tina Jenkins talks to Margot Farnham about fat liberation

International struggles against pornography — Susanne Kappeler

Who’s holding the bottle? The politics of breast-feeding — Dena Attar

Abortion and disability: issues raised by the Alton Bill — Judy Hunt

Controlling with kindness: the ‘softly-softly’ approach to rape — Sara Scott and Alison Dickens

Sexual murder — Jill Radford reviews The Lust to Kill

The state of the movement — Reflections by Julie Bindel

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