Issue 19

Issue 19 was published in Summer 1990.

Scan of cover of issue 19


Dworkin on Dworkin — Andrea Dworkin talks to Elizabeth Braeman and Carol Cox

Turning us off — Davina Cooper and Didi Herman review ‘Feminist Review’ no 34, ‘Perverse Politics’, on lesbian sexuality and culture

The portable cage: women and fundamentalism — Dena Attar

A cautionary saga: feminism in Iceland — Gudrun Jonsdöttir

Abuse in the making: the production and use of pornography — Liz Kelly

Was it good for you? — Frankie Green reviews Sheila Jeffreys’ new book ‘Anticlimax’

Talking personal; talking political — Agnes Quashie interviews Gail Lewis, Melba Wilson and Olive Gallimore about the Brixton Black Women’s Group

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