Issue 21

Issue 21 was published in Summer 1991.

Scan of cover of issue 21



Deadly neglect — US AIDS activist Risa Denenburg talks to Katy Watson

Immaculate conceptions — Jill Radford asks why the fuss about ‘virgin births’?

Unspeakable acts: women who abuse — Liz Kelly

“Dear Ms Woolf, we are returning your guineas” — carol ann douglas reflects on the Gulf War

Re-inventing the wheel — Saudi women take to the road

Why Laura Palmer died — Diana Hume George

Surviving the incest industry — Louise Armstrong

Making feminist law? — Maureen O’Hara on legislation against pornography

Hardware heroines — Sue Botcherby and Rose Garland go to the movies

Three steps forward — Nema Mdoe talks to Liz Kelly about women in Tanzania

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