Issue 22 1

Issue 22 was published in Winter 1991.

Scan of cover of issue 22



After Margaret — Beatrix Campbell looks forward to a feminist future

Change the law (1) — Sandra MacNeill describes the campaign to free Sara Thornton

Change the law (2) — Jill Radford and Liz Kelly suggest options for legal reform

Thelma and Louise go shooting — A review by Sue Botcherby

Angst and academia — Betsy Stanko explores the conflicts for feminist academics

Power kept powerless — Maureen Aung-Thwin sets in context the defiant struggle of Burmese prime minister Aung San Suu Kyi

Dyking the detectives: A prowl through the lesbian ‘whodunnit’ genre — Magda Devas

Demons, devils and denial — Sara Scott and Liz Kelly call for a feminist understanding of ritual/satanic abuse

A feminist population policy? — Marge Berer says we need one

Men of tin — Sigrid Rausing explodes the myth of masculinism in Robert Bly’s ‘Iron John’

Crystal balls — Daphne Francis detonates New Age doublespeak

Shocking Pink write their own history

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