Issue 23

Issue 23 was published in Spring 1992.

Scan of cover of issue 23



Hail Mary: a president of women — Ailbhe Smyth welcomes the new president of Ireland

Fattened by force — Karis Otobong exposes the practice of force-feeding young West African women

Back behind the wheel — an update on the Saudi women’s campaign for freedom

Who’s conning who? — Rosa Ainsley and Sarah Cooper take a critical look at lesbians’ taste in popular music

Hungary for change — Zusuzsa Beres describes the challenges for women in Hungary today

Broadening out — Cath Jackson interviews lesbian artist Rachael Field about her work and fat oppression

The demand that time forgot — Dena Attar on motherhood, child-care and women’s liberation

Finding feminism — Libby Brooks

Heart of the beast — Anita Hill on sexual harassment

The third wave — Rebecca Walker reacts to the Hill versus Clarence Thomas verdict

Abuse by lesbians — Alison Hall

Still working against the grain — Margot Farnham interviews Southall Black Sisters

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