Issue 26

Issue 26 was published in Summer 1993.

Scan of cover of issue 26


Letters and Readers Survey

Sweet and sour — Ruth Wallsgrove reflects on the demise of Spare Rib

One world women — Liz Kelly interviews Jessica Neuwirth and Navi Pillay, founders of Equality Now

Queer straits — Julia Parnaby examines the politics of the Queer Movement

Resisting war rape in Bangladesh — Joyoti Grech

Women hurt in systems of prostitution — Evelina Giobbe talks to Anne Mayne and Rachel Wingfield

Pornography as hate speech — A conference report by Anne Mayne, Julia Parnaby and Rachel Wingfield

Behind the lines — Women’s Aid to Former Yugoslavia

Going out like a meteor — Audre Lorde

A straight outing — Julia Swindells reviews the ‘Feminism & Psychology’ special issue on heterosexuality

A press of one’s own — Cath Jackson talks to the founders of Onlywomen Press

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