Issue 29/30

Issue 29/30 was published in Winter 1994/95.

Scan of cover of issue 29/30



Just say no: The empire of assertiveness — Debbie Cameron takes issue with assertiveness training

Unfair play: Sex testing of women in sport — Mariah Burton-Nelson

The Black women’s movement in Brazil — Alzira Rufino

Development, ecology and feminism — Sue Lamb reviews two recent books

It all comes out in the wash: Lesbians in soaps — Nicki Hastie

Queer theorrhea (and what it all might mean for feminists) — Catherine Grant

Stuck in the middle — Liz Kelly on the need for feminist praxis

One hell of a trip — Louise Armstrong

Exchanging feminist words — Catharine MacKinnon talks with Joan Scanlon

Statement by Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin regarding Canadian Customs and legal approaches to pornography

Feminine charms and outrageous arms — Fen Coles looks at women bodybuilders

From sexual politics to body politics — Susanne Kappeler

Banned for blasphemy: The Rape of SitaLindsey Collen discusses her novel with Joan Scanlon and Tess Rumble

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