Issue 31

Issue 31 was published in Summer 1995.

Scan of cover of issue 31



Can you feel the force (and should you give in to it)? —Debbie Cameron on feminism and spirituality

FMS: Fraudulent, misogynist and sinister — Beth Follini traces the development of a ‘syndrome’

Shades of meaning — Magdalene Ang-Lygate has problems with the way we talk about racism, identity and difference

Free Emma Humphreys — Harriet Wistrich gives us an update on the Justice for Women campaign

A hunger for control — Morag MacSween on anorexia

Stealing a woman’s life — Arundhati Roy criticises the film treament of Phoolan Devi’s story

Matters of life and death — Liz Kelly interviews Scandinavian researcher on sexual violence Eva Lundgren

Organised and visible: Women in Thailand and Taiwan put lesbians on the agenda for the UN conference in Beijing

Liberty, equality… but most most of all, fraternity — Françoise Armengaud, Ghaïss Jasser and Christine Delphy expose the sexism of the French establishment’s approach to Beijing

Naming the collaborators: an extract from US prosecutor Alice Vachss’ new book Sex Crimes

Bordering on useless — Marian Foley looks at a study of Scottish rape trials

Wilful resistance — Joan Scanlon and Julia Swindells review Susanne Kappeler‘s The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behaviour

Barking Back: Delilah Campbell rants about ‘maverick feminism’

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