Issue 32

Issue 32 was published in Winter 1995/96.

Scan of cover of issue 32



Twin leaks and Hackney outings — Jill Radford on the Jane Brown affair

Zero commitment — Liz Kelly alerts feminists to some little-publicised legal changes affecting the treatment of domestic violence

ClarNa mBan — Women’s Agenda for Peace in Northern Ireland

Lost in translation: Non-sexist language — Debbie Cameron is irritated by a new crop of language guidelines

Redstockings Manifesto — We reprint a radical feminist classic

Straight talking — Stevi Jackson charts a course through the debate on feminism and heterosexuality

Screening women out — Dee Dee Glass explains why feminists get a raw deal in TV

Survivors and supporters: Working on ritual abuse — Kate Cook and ‘The A-Team’ take up the issues surrounding satanic ritual abuse

Fundamental questions: From Southall to Beijing — Rachel Wingfield interviews Hannana Siddiqui about the UN Women’s Conference

Equality Now: Update — Tess Rumble reports

Feminist political consciousness vs ideology — An extract from Kathleen Barry’s new book The Prostitution of Sexuality

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