Issue 43

Issue 43 was published in Summer 2002.

Scan of cover of issue 43


Editorial — Sophie Laws and Helen Lowe

‘We will never collaborate’ — Sue O’Sullivan and Isabel Ros López on the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan; plus an interview with RAWA’s Tahmeena Faryal

In women’s name? — Purna Sen questions whether western interests coincide with women’s interests

Afghan women organise — Sue O’Sullivan and Isabel Ros López collate information on Afghan women’s groups

A living draft for Afghan women’s rights

Defensive and divided — Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters on how September 11 has affected Asian women in Britain

Virtual campaigns and virtuous interventions — Dena Attar takes a closer look at internet petitions

A statement from Korean women’s groups

‘We have to change our lives’ — Palestinian women write

Naming male violence — Elizabeth Carola gives her response to September 11

Fundamentally fascist — Marieme Hélie-Lucas of Women Living Under Muslim Laws, interviewed by Sophie Laws

Spiritual warfare — Mab Segrest puts the US religious right under scrutiny

Israel: the other stories — Helen Lowe examines religion, gender and politics in Israel

Open letter by Rape Crisis

Surviving sanctions — Nadje Al Ali reports on women’s lives in Iraq

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